Question: I hello doctor, I'm 28 years old my name Letter Please guide me the way doctors treat patients, you have to test the allergist - MEDIC and the doctor diagnosed allergic rhinitis multiple allergens. Initial symptoms are your body heat up with sneezing and itchy, red skin and I was floating halo very itchy scaly legs, cause very unpleasant, very unattractive, and when the weather starts will more and more severe cold. The duration of the disease in November 2003. I initially treated at about 5 months but Medic disease still persist, then treated in traditional medicine hospital, Gia Dinh, very tired, but there was no sign of abating. So now I own them taking one pill every day, no itching Lonlor but after 24 hours, but no medication to the old. But I have a feeling they increasingly dry skin and dark spots well. But why now I have a sore throat or always. So do not know if it is the complications? So, I ask you doctor treatment guidelines, to the hospital? Faculty for the right to treatment, and all patients. I'm very worried because this date medication and months do not know what will be the side effects of the drug are not you going to get married and if so you can not have children? And babies affected with allergy medication that I was taking. I would like to receive the guidance of the doctor, I was really stuck. Thank you so much doctor. Best regards!